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Charles Hoover

I am 5 years older than Jerry, but he was my inspiration for learning to play piano. I'm still out playing and have written a song called "To Jerry Lee" talking about events in his life, etc. It would be a great thrill if I knew that he got to hear it. It is on Youtube at:


I am 15 have not been on ur site 4 a long time but I watch ur cousin Jimmy Swaggert on Sunday mornings and just got off of his site and felt like coming to this site for some reason and I found out about Dottie, I never heard of him but will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers, I use to listen to ur music when i was 13 and 14 and went to see one of ur concerts in Ky. when I got the tickets for my b-day before I got saved last January. I am also Penecostal. I will continue to keep you and Phoebe in my thoughts and prayers, and add Dottie to my prayer list, I didn't know that you and Jimmy both performed at the amm at the same day that is pretty cool, I wish I could have seen it do u know if there is a link to were I can watch it or if it is on a dvd. Would u care to live it on ur site or email it to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. You all are in my thought and prayers. God Bless you. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.


hey Phoebe

Wanted to post this reply to your most recent 2008 blog, but couldn't find a way to post replies there.

Anyway, thanks for the update, always great to read your messages. Great pic as well, Jerry lee does look great, love that suit!

Looking forward to see ya'll in Europe in november.

Niek (from Holland, Europe)

Nora Marie

I just want to say that I am a new Jerry Lee Lewis admirer, less than 3 hrs ago I saw Great Balls of Fire, then went on the internet to see, hear and read that Jerry really is a true and sweet soul with music that is on fire! I thank you for the fire and inspiration I received in such a short time. I can't wait to see and hear more. I gotta a lot of catching up to do.
Nora from Philly

PS Phoebe, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Thank you for this blog.

ted claybrook

I paid $300 to attend jerry lee,s birthday party that was cancel because of his domestic problems. I was notified to return my receit in registered mail, which I did, but never received my refund back. I am still waiting

Beki Brindle

Hey, Phoebe! Love this blog.. and Jerry will be in NYC next week.. we want to see you guys .. remember me, I played a few gigs with the Killer in the 90's! Would love to catch up with you after the show and say HELLO! If you guys still remember me.. I DID write a song "Jerry Lee Is King!" I still mean it .. Glad you are taking care of dad! you both ROCK!
Beki in NYC

Scott Merrell

I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing Jerry Lee at Town Hall in NYC on March 27th. I recently purhcased the Killer Piano DVD. It is fantastic to listen to Jerry play in what is like a living room atmosphere. Like Phoebe, I am a big fan of her Dad's country music. Jerry Lee Lewis is the one of the greatest country artists of all time, and I would love for his next CD to be all country. I heard that Jerry Lee also recorded a Gospel album since the Last Man Standing Sessions. Will that be released any time soon?

- Scott

Carol Durham

yes sir,

I have an old 8 track tape of Jerry Lee & friends and would like to get a copy of this on a cd. It has Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins singing and playing with Mr. Lewis. Where can I get one? I have searched everywhere.
Also, how do I get tickets to Mr. Lewis's birthday party in Sept.
Thank you and take care.

Carol Durham

John McCaul

The other night I had the great pleasure to meet Mr. Lewis at a small fundraiser in London Ontario Canada. I got to dance with my partner to "Great Balls of Fire" and others...shared a cigarette with him in the parking lot..and while I was bursting with questions, all I could do was thank him for still rockin and rollin..and for taking the time to play or such a small but wildly enthusiastic crowd. Thank you Jerry.. and to the Taxi driver that took him to the concert all the way from Hunstville. We need more people like Jerry Lee Lewis to show us how we will " never say never" and never give up hope.

Heather Harwood

I watched the movie the other day "Great Balls of Fire." Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. What ever happened to that relationship? Are they still together? Do they have any children together? I loved the movie, I think it was wonderful how in love they were and how he would do anything for her :)

Ms. Pilgrim

JERRY LEE LEWIS...WOW, I just watched you this evening on the 2008 Grammy Awards perform with John Fogerty and Little Richard; I WAS SO EXCITED, I CAUGHT MY SELF DANCING IN MY LIVING ROOM! Great Performance! I was listening to your music back in the 50's in my parents home, and it now plays in my home in the year 2008! YOU ARE STILL ROCKING & ROLLING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! YOU ARE A LEGEND TO ROCK & ROLL AND THE FANTASIC MUSIC YOU HAVE GIVEN TO YOUR FANS OVER THE YEARS, THANKS! THANKS! I hope if you "ever" perform in Oklahoma City or somewhere close to here, I will be able to get tickets and see you perform in person!!!! Take good care of yourself, and know that many people love the sounds you have given us all these years! God bless you and yours always!!
Sue H. :)

Dave Timmons

Hi Phoebe,
I love the new blog...sounds like you and your Father have been very busy! Last Man Standing is AWESOME!!! When are you going to get back on Myspace??? See you in Norman, OK on Feb 2nd...can't wait! Thank you Jerry Lee for coming back to Oklahoma...WE LOVE THE KILLER!!!

Dave Timmons

jack lee hancock

I always loved your music back in my parents day and now.It is an honer to know that we can post a comment.My mother-n -law is from France over forty years ago listening you and Elvis.When could not speak english understand the sound of the day.

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