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pat linsday

Hi, Hope to see a new Cd.JLL is hell when he's well.The Killer can do anything,but would love to see him do his collection of Blues numbers. Nothing like JLL doing the Blues the killer way.Phoebe your truly a blessing for Jerry.There is nothing more important then family.What a night in Cleveland. So glad i was there. Rock On , pat

Jordan Provost

Dear Mr Lewis

I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!! I have your Last Man Standing Live CD and DVD!! They are awesome!!!! I have a lot of your songs! we had to write a biography in Language Arts and I'm writing mine about YOU!!!!!!! i play piano too! I was born on September 29th!!!!!! And started to play piano at age 8 as well!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your music, please email me back!!

Jane Conaty

HI PHOEBE! Hope you are well, been FOREVER! Tried to find you a few times - never thought to look for your dad! how is your mom? you look fantastic! BRAT!

anyway - hope you are doing great - love to hear from you - we can catch up - i won't say how long...i live in florida (hate it) - so if you come..

Glad to see you dad is doing well also - KInd of feel silly writing here - for the world to see but wanted to say hello

Love ya jane


Hi phoebe.

Right now I am listening to LAST MAN STANDING, it is simply beautiful and I am drunk. So I started surfing the net on Jerry Lee.

Great to see the vid with them 50's kids standing around the piano. It sure must have been the punk music of the 50's.

Cheers from Sweden. Long live Jerry Lee Lewis!!!


Glad to see the "killer" is still knocking them dead. I stumbled upon the Last man Standing concert on tv and was amazed and just lovin it. Last time I saw Jerry Lee perform live was at a park in New TRipoli Pa. Shorty Long I believe ran the park and entertainment. That was at least 30 years ago. I would love to see him again in concert. Any chance you will be doing any shows in Pa this year?? Sharon from Pa.

Don Pittman

The "Last Man Standing" DVD is fantastic as is the "Greatest Live Performances" DVD. Noticed above where you said people were trying to sell bogus autographed memorbilia signed by Jerry. I have several albums, including his first LP at Sun which me autographed for me in Ferriday years ago. I have it displayed on my wall in my studio. It's not for sale and is one of my most prized possessions. God bless you and your daddy and mother. As I've said before there will never be another Jerry Lee Lewis. Don Pittman Jackson, MS

P.S. Tell Kenny Lovelace hello for me. He should remember me and Bill Taylor and Laverne Thomas.



Ana Cláudia

My wildest dream is to go to a concert of mister Lewis. I'm just sad that he won't come to Portugal.

Gary Ingrham Sr.

Thank You PHOEBE. I Was Raised On Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. Now Im 62 and Have A Defribulator Implanted In My Chest and Cant Boogie Very Much But, I Still Live For The Beat. Music Keeps Me Alive. If You Will, Tell Your Dad I Appreciate Him and All His Hard Work Over The Years. His Music Is Part Of My Life and For Sure a Good Memory Of My Teenage Years.


If you love Jerry Lee, you can hear a lot of him at

Great station!!


I just wanted to say that I have been a great fan of yours since I was a child...and I'm only 31! While the other kids were listening to heavy metal and the like, I was listening to my parents records and "oldies" stations. I play guitar and I tried to learn piano (took lessons in college) because I wanted to be able to play like you do! I found out quickly though that that's something that you can't learn through lessons! When I have a chance to play on a piano, I always sit there thinking "I wish I could play like Jerry Lee Lewis."

I've gotten my four year old son Ian hooked on your music. I'll put on a CD of your songs and some other 50's music in the car and he'll sit back there in his car seat rocking out to it, bouncing around, kicking his feet, and singing. He's big into Little Richard too...I've bought him a little electric keyboard he likes to hammer away on. One day I was watching him and couldn't help but be reminded of you in the way he attacked the keys so zealously! I'm seriously considering buying the kid a piano when I can scrape the money together and see what develops.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your music and I wish you the best of luck, health, and happiness.


Just wanted to say hi and that I'm a huuuuuuuuge fan. I'm going to try to get down to Oklahoma this summer to see "The Greatest in Rock in Roll Living Today!!". I've seen the pictures of Jerry you have posted and he looks great!! I think he and Myra are actually the same age he looks so young!!! My best to you and your family and I look forward to buying one of those thousands of photos Jerry signed for us!! Jerry, I have no problem spending my hard earned money on a hard working man!!! Take care and hope to see you this summer!!

Cindy and Madison

Hi, my name is Cindy and my daughter Madison is 7 years old, and she absolutely loves Jerry Lee Lewis. We wish ya'll all the best and the music Rocks!!!

dan bradley

Hello, i just wanted to pass on to jerry, i heard his version of Folsom Prison Blues and i thought it was fantastic. I am his biggest fan in England and was lucky enough to see him in Eindhoven this year, hope to see him soon. All the best, and thanks to Phoebe for all the up dates musch apriciated.


Carl Bailey

Phoebe, Thanks so much for this wonderful look into the Killers life. It is so great to think about ya'll and the things you do. I can just picture The Killer signing all of those prints with a big smile. I also wanted to comment on the video. When asked what The Killer thought of his fans......with no hesitation and the most heartfelt look he said I love em. We love him too. Were true blue us JLL fans ......always have been .....and always will be. And for anyone else reading this I was one of the suckers who bought fake JLL autographs I was heartbroken when I found out. I spent quite a bit of money for a college kid only to find out later I was taken. Let's all pitch in and help. When we see this stuff come up for auction on E BAY report it......I have several times now and one of the sellers was closed for such. These fakes not only hurt us the fans but it hurts The Killer and his family......and we wont stand for that! Thanks again Phoebe! and God Bless You All!

Andreas Myrvold Jensen


Im a big fan of your father.
When he was here in oslo, i tried to get his autograph, but did not succeed. but i know for a fact that he gave autographs to people who arent genuine fans.. that sucks. i waited for 7 hours outside the consert house on the show day at march 2. And for 12 hours outside the sas plaza hotel... which i found out on monday that he stayed at the sas scandinavia. Well, id hope i get the chance of meeting your father, it would be a once in a lifetime. But i only got to see him for 2 seconds when he got out of the car before the show. Well, i guess you dont care about it. but its true. And i aint the type to sell autographs. i bought an old record sleeve to get autographed. but anyways. i hope your dad is doing well. Give him my best regards!

Jerryleefan from Norway.

David Carver

Dear Phoebe,
As a 50 year fan of your Daddy's I can't tell you what a thrill it is to see him looking and sounding so great again. I play the cd a few times then switch to the dvd. It's like I just can't get enough. Please, please, please tell me there will be more!!

dan bradley

hey im a big fan of jerry lee and i traveled from england to endhoven to see him, he was fantastic please thank him from me, i would love to write a personal letter to Jerry how can i do that?
Thank you Phoebe for all your hard work, keeping us posted, please can you persuade your dad to come to england again, we love him, the king of rock and roll, forget elvis.


steve jackson

God Bless Jerry Lee,nobody plays piano like him.I can hear the same song over and over and i am blown away by his musicianship.The live recordings are amazing.Before i die, i`ve got to see Jerry Lee!!!

Diane Powell

Dear Jerry Lee,
I love your work. I'm a big fan of yours. I think the press treated you really rotten. I've had some of my family members marry really young and also a cousin marriage. The Queen of England is married to her cousin, so I don't know why they threw such a fit about it over there. Girls in the South often married a lot younger than girls overseas and in the North, but I'm pretty sure quite a few married as teens, just not quite as young. Well, anyway I think that yours and Myra's marriage was very romantic. I like a man who is willingly to stand up and make his own choices, even when others don't always agree with him. The pictures of you and Myra are very sweet. Phoebe is pretty and she favors you. I'm sorry to hear about your dog spikette. I have two dogs, Dixie and Hampton, and they are my babies. Keep playing your music. You sound woderful! I live near Atlanta and hope I can make it to your ranch sometime.


dear phoebe,

maury o'rourk here, wishing you and your dad and kenny a great show and eventful new orleans week. it will be the first time i've missed your dad in my home state since i moved.

i haven't seen kenny for a few years and i'm hoping he'll make it to the scorchers benefit in nashville in june. but mostly, keep up the good work on the blog, and write're great to read.

maury o'rourk

p.s.: please wish aunt linda and frankie my best and give linda my email if you remember. i know frankie has sworn these things off.

Jane Gibbs

Hi Phoebe,
What an interesting life you must lead with the killer!Jsut as a side note, July of last year (I think it was)I flew to Buffalo NY from SC to see your dad in concert.It was fantastic.The most amazing thing is the talent so rich that he just came out on stage-no fanfare-bowed just a little and started doing his JLL thing.The crowd was on their feet-he brought down the house just like the old days.I had always loved his work, but became hooked.Bought Last Man Standing and he and I usually sing on my way to work each morning (ha-ha). Please give him this old rock n roller's regards and I am making plan to go to Memphis in May for the Blues Festival and have to say he is one of the main draws.


Sorry to hear about your doggie. It's always hard to lose such good little buddies. Best to you and your Dad and I hope someday he'll come to the Midwest so I can see him!

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