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Barbara Harney

Hey Jerry Lee and Phoebe!
I watched the Washington 4th of July celebration last night on TV.
Jerry Lee honey, you've still got it! What a 'killer' performance! I was fortunate enough to see you in concert twice and you were great!
I was about 16 the first time I saw you, then I saw you about 5 years ago in Anaheim, CA. I'm 59 now, so it was a long time in between concerts for me, too long! You are truly a National treasure and I for one cherish you! Phoebe you're a doll trying to keep up with your Daddy! God bless you both. This is sent with love and hugs to both of you. Jerry Lee you have made the world a better place, your music will live forever! I love you Killer, Barbara in Oregon


i watched the show tonight it was great but i am not surprised everything your dad does is great. And Happy Birthday to your mom

Giorgio Desiati

I'm an Italian fan (sorry for my English...).
The last year at The Summer Jamboree in Senigallia at the end of the show, me and my wife Simona gave to Hutch a pipe for Jerry (I'm a pipe smoker, like Jerry Lee!).
We sincerely hope that he appreciate this little gift!

J. Ziegenbein

I am your truest fan ever at 55 years old. Last week I traveled from northern California to your childhood home in Ferriday. I would dearly love to meet you personally at a northern California concert. I admire all you have done for the music industry. God bless you.

Peggy Reed

Hey there, Phoebe and Jerry,
I've read through several pages of the accolades and wonderful comments from your fans. I just couldn't leave without another fan comment. I am 64 years old and an avid fan of Jerry's. But I was for many years a friend of the family. My husband and Rusty Brown and Jay Brown were best friends for many years beginning in 1980. I haven't seen you since the concert in Gainesville, Georgia, and we were backstage with the whole entourage. Carl Perkins opened for Jerry. I have lost contact with Jay and Lois and Rusty and Judith since we moved back to Tennessee in l989. In the pictures on the website you have matured beautifully. Also that picture captioned with "Guess Who", that had to be you, Sissy (Myra Gail) and Jerry. She looks fantastic. I thought she might be back with Jerry but later comments let me know she is still happily with Richard in Atlanta. I know she always said she was Jerry's best friend and I never heard a derrogatory comment about him. I know she will always have a love for him because he was a great part of her life.

Sissy was very helpful to me many years ago. She came out to our house in Duluth, GA, and gave us some ideas on what to do to our house before putting it on the market. It worked but I, in retrospect, wished it hadn't sold!!! I liked the exterior changes.

How are Jay and Lois doing. We spent their 50th anniversary with them enjoying the Gwinnett County Fair. That was probably in 1988. I have so many fond memories of them and our times in Mississippi and Louisiana. I know Doyle Nelson was wanting to get in touch with them again. He was a piano magician who could sound like anybody famous but had no style of his own. We went to see him several times when he was at the Holiday Inn West Memphis and then when he had his club in West Memphis near a truck stop. His music had changed to just country. I think now he has retired and lives in a small country town in West Tennessee. That was his plan when he was able to sell his club in West Memphis.

My daughter, Gina Leigh, was good friends with Rusty's daughter and they had always planned that Gina would be the maid of honor in each others wedding. Gina was died in 1988 from injuries in a car wreck in 1988 but when she got married the first time, she honored Gina as her Maid of Honor with a picture of Gina on a pedestal beside her as her maid of honor. We went to South Haven for the wedding along with Jay, Lois, Rusty and Judith.

As you can see your family has meant much to us over the years and still does. Gina and I took a trip to Reno in 1987 to visit friends. We drove cross country from Atlanta and I had all Jerry Lee Lewis cassettes. We listened to them all the way out there and back. Gina stole the show out there with her dance routines rocking out to Jerry Lee. As you know he has fans even now of all ages. He is a legend forever. He is the pioneer of rock 'n roll. I miss it and am always listening to the oldies on XM radio.

Pardon me for this epistle but I just watched the PBS fund raiser with Jerry Lee on his 70th birthday and it just triggered so many memories. Just had to share them. Bless you all and hold Jerry up with a stick if you have to for many more years. He looks better than he ever has. He knows what he is doing and is still tremendous at it. Love you all. My e-mail address is if you have any answers for me. Thanks much.

ken holt

I have two pictures of JLL taken sometime around 1958-1960 at the Twin City Jamboree in
West Monroe, La. In one picture he is performing on stage and the other it taken with one of his fans (me, age 10-12). If you would like to have these pictures, please furnish me with an address so I can mail them. Tnanks

Larry Haley

Phoebe, your website for Jerry Lee is marvelous. I recall meeting him now many years ago when he would attend the celebrity ball in Palm Beach sponsored by the National Enquirer where I worked at for years as a reporter and editor.
I find myself reliving Jerry Lee's music again and it is as fresh today as it was in the 50s. The fact that I keep coming back to his music means clearly to me that his music will live forever.
I have always believed he was the King of Rock n Roll. No one ever deserved that title more than Jerry Lee if not just for his sheer originality and energy which all these decades later is still a joy to see.
Al; the best to you both
Larry Haley
Lake Park, Florida

pat linsday

Phoebe, love the new post,Heard today JLL 4th of july Washington Dc.Couldn't be happier.About time.Went to Beale st. fest. 1998. Also tour JLL home.Keep up the new post an great care of the Killer you are a blessing for him. Rock On!

pat linsday

Phoebe,Love your new post.Went to Beale st. fest. 1998.Also toured JLL home.Just read Killer 4 th of July in Washington DC.Couldn't be happier for you guys.I wish this could have happen 20 years ago.Give my best to Dad an keep up the great post an care of the Killer.Rock On!


my favorite jerry lee song is "breathless. Which of your daddy's song is your favorite

larry santee

trying to find a song jerry did about 10 year s ago about growing up in fariday la as a kid cant find the song he did on a tv show i think with micky . thank s larry santee


i am desparate to know when you will be in england again. please say that you are coming. saw you at wembley in the 70s. loved every minute of it. cant wait.

Mayra M.

I love your music Killer. Elvis? Elvis who? You're #1 here!

Mayra M.

I'm a 27 yr old woman. The first time I heard about Jerry Lee Lewis I was the same age as Myra Brown when she was wed to the "Killer." I instantly fell in love with this man's carisma and voice. Elvis? Elvis who? Jerry Lee Lewis is what Rock 'n' Roll has and always will be about!!!


i from verey far city im from egypt i see film tell the story to that great man i still cray to know ihope he say my world to till him he is realty the king of rokandrol ilove him and all my family and iwant say my word to tell him u never day u will life forevar im our hart sorry for my badtip im not verey good in tayp but i hope any on know the king till him my word


Hi Mr. Lewis,
My step father was Earl White...he said he sang with you when he was a kid but his parents wouldn't let him go on the road with you remember?
Best regards,

June Fowler

Hi Jerry. Just to say that I think you are the best. There is one thing that I would dearly love before I leave this earth and that would be to meet you in person. That would be my wish. I love your music. It has been a great comfort to me over many years. We may or may not have something in common. I had a partner a long time ago. His mane was James Lee Means. He lived in BUTLER ALABAMA. His cousin was BONNIE SUE. His family often talked about you both. That was avery long time ago. Anyway I wish yourself and Daughter a very long and Healthy life. Maybe one day I may be lucky enough to meet you or see you.
Bye Bye

June Fowler

Hi Jerry, I do hope that you get this message. I live in Aberdeen Scotland. My Dearest wish before I leave this earth would be to see you in person. I would love to be able to sit down and have a talk with you.Mind you I would probably be as nervous as anything. I had a partner by the name of James Lee Means who lives in Butler Alabama. He claims that his cousin was engaged to you. I think her name was Bonnie Sue or similar. That of course was many years ago. But he told porkies so I dont know if that was true. Your music has meant everything to me. Incidently I was reading your daughters comments and she said that Solomun Burke was a friend of yours. He too was a favourite of mine. I love listening to you. You are funny. I guess I maybe have went on too long. I will say best of health to you and keep up the good work. Regards to your Daughter
Bye Bye
June Fowler
Aberdeen Scotland

Luanne Ashbook Wilson

Dear Mr. Lewis and Phoebe, I was raised up from a baby listening to your music as my parents haved loved you since the beginning of your career. I can remember my parents getting ready to go see you at clubs in Lexington, Kentucky such as Brock's, Boom Boom Room, and Marty's. I was of course not allowed to go to those performances, but was allowed to go to the performance that you, Linda Gail and Kenny performed at the Mosque in Richmond, Va in the early seventies. I am trying to get tickets to your performance at Belterra on April 12, 2008. They are to let me know tomorrow if we can get wheelchair seating. My Dad is dying of cancer and I thought that seeing the Killer one more time, would make his day. Your music and talent has meant a great deal to my dad (and mom) over the years and if I can get him to the performance please say hello to a long time friend of yours...Randall Ashbrook. He's been my best buddy for 49 years and once again I would like to share him with you if just for one more night.
Sincerely, Luanne

pat lee linsday

I finally found a song Jll has not recorded. It's all Jerry. The House is a Rockin . SRV did it. his piano player is doing all of Jerry moves. Killer rocks on ,Time for a new CD. Take Me to the Pyimeds alone Nile. Another good one

Briggitt  Avalos



I love the music of Jerry Lee Lewis! People like him is part of what made America Great!!
Thank you so much!

C. McCurdy

Just saw the Last Man Standing concert on PBS and thought it was great. Have enjoyed watching some of the old clips of JLL that you provided on this site. I don't think there is anyone who can play the piano quite like JLL. His style is indeed all his own. Very original, even to this day. The keys literally burns with a white-hot intensity under his masterful hands. As an amateur keyboard player myself, I have to say that it must be amazing to be, as JLL is, gifted with such a natural talent and ear for music.

Thomas Feiten

Hello Mr Lewis, I am a German, 39 years old and listen to your music since more than 30 years.
Great, that with this site anyone knows what will happens in your life. For me there are only two kinds of music in the world:
Rock 'n'Roll. Never stop rockin!

jim bishop

this is the best dam web site ive come across but what the hell can we expect any way.
you gave me more than mary kay every could and its here for ever.
god bless you jerry.
jim bishop sierra vista az.

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